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Santa Program

Santa Program

Santa Program








About our Santa Program

We sponsor children that are being served through the Cornerstone Community Outreach Program homeless shelter and low-income family programs in the neighborhood. So children from newborn up to age 17 might be on our list of children looking for sponsors. Please feel free to talk to your co-workers, friends and family to see if they'd like to participate this holiday season. Our program has grown year-to-year because people like yourself were willing to spread the word and get involved.

We have a revised COVID Christmas plan this year and won't be assigning children's names for gift shopping, instead we're asking for cash donations or gift cards from Target, Walmart or Amazon only.

The social workers will safely distribute the gift cards or take children shopping so they can pick out their own gifts.:


We're encouraging people to make a donation to support one child or more. Average donations are $25 – $30 per child, but please feel free to give what you can.

This allows our social workers to do specific shopping for the children and make use of local merchants who are offering special discounts to our program.

Ways to donate:

  • PayPal: You can go to this link to make a donation on CCO's website, please make sure you put "Wier CCO SantaProgram" in the Please notify box and also designate "Christmas Gifts for Children so all funds go directly to the children for Christmas.
  • Send a cash donation to Phyllis through Zelle Pay. Please make sure you mark it for CCO Santa.

  • Send us a $25 or $30 gift card or cards from Target, Walmart or Amazon (social workers will distribute appropriately to children or buy specific items needed by the children).

  • Send a check made payable to: Cornerstone Community Outreach (reference: CCO Santa Program on check memo area)

    Mail Checks or Gift Cards to our CCO Santa Coordinator:
    Attn: Eve Haycock
    Cornerston Community Outreach
    4615 N Clifton Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60640

    Please email to let us know you've mailed something so we know it's on the way and can plan accordingly.

School or group projects
If you'd like to get your children involved in helping other children, talk to them about their classroom or organization getting involved by taking up a collection.

Thanks to all the wonderful people that are helping our Santa program!

Cornerstone Community Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are 100% tax deductible. CCO will send you a tax donation letter in January.

Please feel free to contact us
with any suggestions or questions.

Heather Wier Vaught or Phyllis Wier

We hope we can count on your support to help spread the word so we can help as many children as possible to have another very merry holiday.

Whether it's your first year getting involved, or you're part of our growing family of supporters. Every supporter of our program helps make one more child or family happy over the holidays. You can support us with a monetary donation, shop for a child or children and sharing our project helps us grow and serve more children.